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History of the Company

            Arta  TEX  is  established  in  year  1983,  as  a  small  family  business  focused  on
            production of the textile products - apparel. Later on, the company expanded its
            portfolio by investing on brand development and production technology.

            Over  the  years,  the  company  achieved  to  increase  its  production  capacities,
            number of employees, expands market and develops its own brand ATRACTIVE.

            Today, Arta TEX employs more than 140 employees, well trained and experienced in
            textile production in two different factories.

            Arta TEX is certified by QMS standards. ISO 9001 : 2008.

            Arta Tex headquarters are in Peja and also a small factory who employs up to 20
            people and remind us our starting steps as a company. It was set up since the
            company  establishment  focused  in  production  of  unified  working
            clothes(unifroms). The company is also targeting the construction firms, medical,
            hotels and restaurants and special clothes for the security companies.
            In 2006 the main factory in Peja was transferred in Mushtisht . It covers an area up
            to 4000m  equipped with the latest textile production technology and employs up
            to 100 people, specialized in textile production.

            We  also  have  stores  in  Ferizaj,  Prizren,  Pejë  and  our  distributers  in the whole

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